Your Workout Routine Sucks Compared To This Guy

Compared to this guy, your workout routine sucks. Like seriously, your workout routine has nothing on the man that I’m about to introduce you too.

Not only did this man gain 50 pounds of muscle in a mere 6 months, but he also lose 20 pounds of fat in 3 months afterwards.

While these numbers may not seem like anything, they are definitely some of the best when it comes to the muscle building and fitness space.

And who is this man? The ma I am referring to is Henry Cavill. Not only did Henry Cavill gain an insane amount of muscle, but he also lost a substantial amount of weight as well.

This is crazy considering that Henry needed to look the part of Superman in a short period of time and the only way to do so was with his specialized training program (see it here). So if you ever needed a good kick in the ass, check out Cavill’s program above.