Kettlebell Training Exercises for Beginners

Recently, functional workouts have become all the rage in the fitness world. Given its immense benefits and application in your everyday life; this is hardly surprising. But is this type of training for one and all? Can you enrol for a kettlebell training workout session on the Sunshine Coast even if you have never worked out before?

The good news is that YES!

This type of exercise is ideally suited even for beginners because of its novel approach and low intensity workout moves.

Know more about Functional Workouts
Functional workouts are all about mimicking every day moves that are part of your regular chores. They involve repeating everyday functions and hence the name. In a typical functional workout session, you can expect to do a range of movements such as climbing, walking, jogging, sprinting, running, squatting and so on.

As it is evident, these are simply whole body; low intensity workouts that nevertheless have a tremendous impact on your body. When done regularly, kettlebell training can improve body balance; stability; flexibility; development of lean muscles and overall body strength. You might be interested in a fitness certification on the Sunshine Coast.

Reverse Lunge
Do a reverse lunge which mimics the movement of a backward stride with added impact in the form of bending down on one knee.

Stand upright with hands on hips and legs placed shoulder-length apart. Keep the spine neutral and begin by taking a step backward. Lower your body gradually till the knee of the back leg almost touches the ground.

Hold for a few seconds taking care to maintain the right posture. Do remember that the back knee should not actually touch the ground. Return to starting position by pushing up with the heel of the front leg. Repeat on the other side.

Bodyweight Squats
This simple functional workout mimics the motion of sitting back on a low chair. Beginners will have stiff calf muscles and can keep a low platform below the heels in order to gain more leverage while getting up.

While performing this workout, remember to use your hips to guide your movement and not the knees.

Begin by standing upright with a neutral spine. Lift hands and extend them in a straight line in front of you. You may also fold and cross them and hold them at shoulder height in front. Use hips to gradually lower the body, putting maximum strain on your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Hold once you are halfway down and you look like sitting on a low chair.

Rotations mimic the many twists and turns you need to do every day while going through your regular tasks. However, such movements can lead to injuries especially when the body is stiff and hence rotations should be an integral part of kettlebell training. Use a resistance band to create more impact so as to improve the strength and stability of your core area.

Attach the resistance band to any stable object that is at your waist height. Stand with one side of the body turned towards the object and grip the handle of the band with both hands. Rotate your body from the hips away from the object all the way you are comfortable with.

You can view more awesome kettlebell workouts on The Personal Trainer Courses Sunshine Coast Youtube Channel.