The Basic Difference between Image Consulting and CrossFit Training

Image consulting and CrossFit training both perform almost the same functions, which are grooming the clients and boosting up their energy. But both are very different from each other.  Whereas CrossFit personal trainers focus on workouts, image consulting takes care of all other aspects.

What are the basic differences between Ulladulla image consulting and a Crossfit gym in Ulladulla?

Complete Makeover

Image consultancy brings about a complete transformation in people, as far as their overall personality is concerned. Starting from physical to mental, it covers everything. The Gym in Ulladulla also brings transformation in personality, but that is limited to physical only. Personal training can precisely be called a part of image consulting.

Image consulting instills high values in the candidates, develops positive attitude in them and gives them a new outlook. Its sessions are focused on inspiring the clients, and rid them from any kind of inferiority complex they have. Movement Zone Ulladulla motivate their clients, and inspires the candidates to reach faster towards their fitness and health objectives.

Fashion styling

Image consulting prepares candidates for entering into renowned fitness competitions. It makes them aware of the new trends of fashion industry. Personal training doesn’t give any training about fashion and clothing; it just makes your body fit for wearing stylish and modern dresses.

Personality development
Both personal training and image consulting are focused on developing personality of their clients. Image consulting educates its clients about etiquette’s and manners such as, how to look presentable in interviews, and how to get a competitive edge. However, Ulladulla CrossFit personal trainers also develops personality, but in a different way.

Makeup Training

Image consulting makes you look beautiful from outside through various tools of makeup. It provides you such makeup tips, which suits you the best, and enhances your beauty. The basic theme of image consulting is to make you look good and confident.

Personal trainers don’t train their clients about makeup or anything related to that. Rather, they cleanse the body from inside through workouts, and make their clients look good from outside.

Nutrition Counseling
Personal trainers recommend the kinds of food for their clients, which can help them in reaching their fitness objectives. They also prepare the diet chart for their candidates, which is in perfect sync with their workouts. Image consulting doesn’t include any such aspect in particular.

personal trainer

Glamorous Career
Whereas Image consulting comes under a glamorous career, covering variety of trainings such as, apparel designing, communication skills, manners, etiquette’s etc., personal trainings are inclined to bring the body of their clients in perfect shape.

Image consulting can be a very rewarding career, and can get enormous money to the consultants. Mostly elite class people are the clients of image consulting. Contrarily personal training is prevalent among all class of people.

Health Maintenance

Personal training works towards maintenance of health of its clients through workouts. Ulladulla personal trainers  educates the clients about various workouts, which work on different parts of body, and hence ensure healthy functioning of all the body organs. Image consulting doesn’t generally include health maintenance program, but if necessary, it can be made a part of the training.